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In order for our company to provide the best possible service we ask that before we arrive, you remove all of the contents within the closets specified on the client cooperation form that was provided to you by the technician.  Contents include items placed on the floor, hanging clothes and articles stored on shelving units.  Once removed, do not move these contents into other rooms before they are inspected by our technician.  Please leave all that is removed in front of the closet.  

If you fail to complete the following requests it may be difficult and maybe impossible to eliminate the problem.

Articles kept in closets provide bed bugs places to hide.  We can not treat these closets properly due to the presence of these items and therefore the bugs are never eliminated.  By removing these articles from within the closets, it eliminates hiding places and helps us treat the house/apartment effectively.  Please do not move the items that were previously stored in the closet into any other room in the house.  If these articles contain bed bugs and you move them into rooms where bed bugs are not present, you can infest new rooms and spread the population throughout the establishment.  After our technician inspects the articles, they can then be placed back into the closet.

Cluttered ClosetA cluttered closet

Empty Closet

An empty closet with all the contents in front



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