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When we evaluate our ant-control options, most of us think in terms of man-made treatments such as pesticides and insect-repelling plants and herbs. Others only want to try natural treatments, remedies found in Nature itself. Although some of these home-grown treatments might sound fine on the surface, many of them are just not feasible in the long run. In fact, some of them are rather extreme.  Take, for example, a newly-discovered ant-control method coming from researchers in South America. Scientists in Brazil have recently documented a species of flies that removes ant heads in their reproductive process. It works like this:  [The]...
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Silverfish are a common problem for homeowners because they are resilient insects that multiply quickly and are difficult to get rid of. The most common (and obvious) sign of a silverfish infestation is finding them around the house. They prefer dark and humid areas of the home such as: Basements Attics Kitchens Bathrooms Often, they appear in sinks or tubs or around the perimeter of a room. Silverfish feed on simple sugars and starches that are found in common household items such as paper, cardboard boxes, book bindings, and fabrics or linens. Small holes or frayed areas are telltale signs of...
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There are plenty of DIY "mouse infestation" signs that people utilize to gauge their rodent problem. However, these signs can be easily mis-read, which will lead you to poorly understanding where the mice are located in your home. Make sure you understand how tricky the following signs are: Areas of mouse dropping - Mice are smart and they prefer leaving their droppings far away from any area where they might eat or live. As a result, it's hard to really use their droppings as a solid indicator for where they might be hiding out. Chew marks throughout the home - Mice love to...
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Black ants are relatively safe, especially when compared to their fiery cousins, the red ants. These pests are notorious for their willingness to bite and even attack animals much larger than themselves. As a result, they need to be eliminated from your home as soon as possible. You might think: it's just a small ant. How much damage can it do? By itself, not much. One ant bite is likely to be little more than a pinch, though it can still leave a bruise or even a welt. However, the real danger lies in the large numbers that can exist in...
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A bed bug epidemic is sweeping multiple cities across the country. Bed bugs are disgusting critters that draw blood while you sleep and breed at incredible rates. The following are the top five most infested cities: Detroit, Michigan - Detroit is a once proud industrial town that is struggling to regain relevance and prosperity. And while things are looking up for the city, it is also suffering from the worst bed bud infestation rate in America. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Another industrial town with a proud working class tradition, Philadelphia has started to fall victim to an ever-increasing number of bed bugs. Usually fairly...
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