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Pest Facts: Striped Skunkskunk1

The Striped Skunk is a medium-sized, stout-bodied mammal with two white stripes on the sides of its back, and they extend into one stripe on the head and tail.

Pest Facts

  • Color:  Black with 2 white stripes on back
  • Legs:  4 legs
  • Shape:  Stout-bodied, medium-sized mammal
  • Size:  Averages 2 feet in length, 5 to 15 pounds in weight
  • Antennae:  No
  • Flying:  No
  • Region:  All 50 states

The Striped Skunk is mostly nocturnal and is seldom seen in the day except when disturbed. Skunks are carnivorous and will eat almost kind of plant or animal matter. They are very adaptable animals and are quite accustomed to living near people. Striped Skunks have few natural enemies due to  odr or their musk.

The Striped Skunk is typically found in wooded or bushy areas near a water source, but they have adapted quite well to living in urban areas. They can be found living in burrows under such places as slabs, under crawl spaces, under decks, out-buildings, and occasionally attics.

Skunks are the major threat for rabies as well as a reservoir for ticks, fleas, and mites that serve as vectors for human diseases. The odor from their musk can be extremely irritating.

Seal any large openings and large cracks and crevices well to prevent structural entry. Remove or eliminate as many outdoor moisture sources as possible. Skunks are easily live-trapped but be sure to cover the trap with cloth or bag to avoid being sprayed with their repulsive musk.

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