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Pest Facts: Fox Squirrelsquirrel1

The Eastern Fox Squirrel is a Large-sized tree squirrel with a reddish bushy tail. It is common in urban areas that have an abundance of trees, but may invade homes to live.

Pest Facts

  • Color:  Reddish belly and brownish to gray top with reddish bushy tail
  • Legs:  4 legs
  • Shape:  large rodent-like mammal
  • Size:  Averages 1½  feet in length, 1 1/2  to 3 pounds in weight
  • Antennae:  No
  • Flying:  No
  • Region:  All 50 states

Fox Squirrels are active both in the daytime and at night particularly at dawn and dusk. They mainly feed on acorns as well as nuts, seeds, buds, leaves, insects, and fruit. They may gnaw on electrical wiring if nesting up in attics of structures.

The Fox Squirrel is typically found in heavily wooded habitats in rural areas, but they have adapted quite well to living in urban areas. They can be found living in trees and such places as attics, garages, and interior walls.

Tree squirrels are a threat as a reservoir for ticks, fleas, and mites that serve as vectors for human diseases. Their gnawing activity in attics on electrical wiring can cause shorts and fires as well as heavy damage from their gnawing activities.

Seal any openings well to prevent structural entry. Remove or eliminate as many outdoor food sources as possible such as acorns or pecans.  Tree squirrels can be live-trapped but be sure to cover the trap with cloth or bag. Live-trapped squirrels should be released at least 5 miles away from the trap site.

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