Alamo Heights TX, Pest Control

Mice, scorpions, and bed bugs are just a few of the common pests that thrive in Alamo Heights and San Antonio. Residents may experience occasional sightings, seasonal problems or widespread outbreaks. The warm, humid climate creates a comfortable environment for rodents, arachnids, and insects. The dense suburban neighborhoods give these invaders plenty of cozy places to hide. Pests are adaptable, and they can resist many attempts at eviction. If you've battled troublesome bugs or rodents, call the professionals at Worldwide Pest Control to eliminate the problem.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the sneakiest pests that you'll find in Alamo Heights. They creep around during the night when they search for their next meal. Infestations aren't limited to hotels or college dorms. Bed bugs can easily turn up in local homes by hitching a ride on clothing, luggage or second-hand furniture. These bloodsucking pests are adept at hiding behind headboards, in mattress seams or within tiny cracks. This trait makes them difficult to detect and remove. At Worldwide Pest Control, we use effective EPA-approved treatments that eliminate adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs so that you can sleep peacefully.


Rats and mice also scamper around at night. Rodents invade houses where they can find food, water, and shelter. They'll chew their way through building materials if they can't sneak through a ready-made opening. Once they get inside, they'll make their way into your kitchen and help themselves to a midnight snack. Food contamination is a serious concern. Rodent droppings can infect pantry items and kitchen counters with dangerous germs that cause salmonellosis and hantavirus. Our rodent elimination services successfully control active infestations and prevent rodents from returning.


The striped bark scorpion is the most common species in Alamo Heights. Its range covers every corner of Texas. Although their stings aren't deadly, they are painful enough that scorpions alarm most people. At night, these venomous arachnids come out of their dark, damp hiding places to hunt their prey. Scorpions are skilled climbers. They can easily scale walls, which is how they usually enter homes. Then, scorpions hide in dark places where they might startle or sting residents. Scorpions thrive outdoors in yards where they can hide under damp leaves or debris. Woodpiles are one of their favorite hideaways, but they also conceal themselves under trashcans or in tall grass. If you're dealing with a scorpion problem, our experienced technicians can develop a customized treatment plan using products that are approved for treating these pests in residential settings.

Our trained technicians offer one-time treatments and quarterly service agreements to eliminate rodents, scorpions, and pests that are common in Alamo Heights. For more information about our services or to make an appointment, call Worldwide Pest Control in San Antonio.