Austin Flea Control

Thousands of species of flea exist, but the most common type in Austin, Texas is the cat flea. These fleas are particularly troublesome because unlike the others, once cat fleas find a host, they remain in place until they are finished reproducing. Although they are called cat fleas, this species can be found on dogs and cats alike.

A full grown cat flea is extremely small at about 3 millimeters and appears to be a reddish-brown color. They are experts at running through your pets’ hair when the need to escape presents itself. Cat fleas are extremely prolific reproducers, and they can lay an egg every hour, and this is how a cat flea infestation can begin to spread. The eggs seldom remain on the animals’ skin, and they easily slide off to infest your carpet, furniture or bedding.

Cat fleas can cause your pets to experience several different problems. For example, if your pets are particularly allergic to the bite, they can experience a severe reaction. Cat fleas also carry tapeworms, and your pets can contract them by inadvertently swallowing these pests. In rare instances, these fleas can infect human beings with plague or murine typhus. Although disease is an issue, the problem that causes people the most concern is the itching that the flea’s bite causes.

Homes with pets aren’t the only places where you can have an infestation of cat fleas. Office buildings are also susceptible to these pests although the occurrences are rare. Whether it is your home or your office that is currently infested, contact us at Worldwide Pest Control for a free quote, and our expertly trained professionals will exterminate these pests forever.

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