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Worldwide Pest Control has provided reliable pest control services in South and Central Texas since 1985. Our technicians solve pest problems in more than 190,000 units per month, and we have years of experience with all of Texas' major pest species. In addition to termites and other insects, we can get rid of any rodents that you may be dealing with.


House mice originated in Asia, but these tiny rodents are now found all over the world. Though house mice are wild animals, they almost always live near humans. House mice are notorious for their rapid breeding, and a small infestation can quickly get out of hand. A single house mouse female can produce 13 litters per year, and each litter contains approximately six mice.


The roof rat, also known as the black rat, is one of the most troublesome rat species in Texas. They can be identified by their extremely long tails and smooth, black fur. Roof rats are agile climbers, and they are named for their tendency to nest in high places such as roofs, trees and attics.

Problems Caused by Rodent Infestations

There are many downsides to sharing your property with rodents. For one thing, rodents cause property damage by chewing on cupboards, furniture, walls and floors. Rodents also make people sick by spreading dangerous bacteria as well as mites, ticks and other parasites.

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