Austin Scorpion Control

The most likely scorpion that you will find in your home or office in Austin, Texas is the striped scorpion. They are recognizable by their tan color. If you happen to see their abdomens, you will notice two broad stripes located in this area. The average size for these pests is around 60 millimeters.

Scorpions are as likely to be found inside as outside, but they tend to hide within the walls and underneath rocks during the day. The nighttime is when they make their appearance and search for prey. Also, these pests like to climb to higher points, so homeowners often discover that they have an infestation in their attics.

If you have an infestation of striped scorpions in your home or office, you have a pest that definitely needs to be controlled. At best, their appearance is frightening. However, they can administer a sting to humans and pests that is extremely painful. The wound often becomes swollen, and the victim can experience itching in the area. Fortunately, the striped scorpion’s sting is not life-threatening.

Some of the other symptoms of the striped scorpion sting include the following:

  •   Skin discoloration

  •   Numbness in the area

  •   Pain that endures for hours or days in some cases

The sting may not pose a serious threat to your health, but you will want to prevent your children, pets and employees from experiencing the discomfort that a striped scorpion’s sting causes. Contact us at Worldwide Pest Control for a free quote so that we can rid your home or office building of these annoying pests. Don’t try to do this on your own. We have trained professionals who are experts at eliminating these pests for you.


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