When most people consider pest control services, birds are the furthest pest from their minds. However, unwanted bird pests can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of a home and even cause health concerns for the building’s inhabitants. It is important to consider professional bird control when a flying or feathered pest begins to pose a threat.

Common Birds found in San Antonio

Some common bird pests include woodpeckers, swallows, seagulls, geese, owls, ducks, crows, and hawks. Most bird pests roost in the attics or eaves of the house. Aside from the structural damage that these squatters may cause to the home, some birds and flying mammals produce noxious excrement and carry disease.

There are over 600 species of birds in Texas, and two flying pests stand out as frequent offenders in the San Antonio area: pigeons and bats. Pigeons roost in attics, lofts, and on roofs. These pests are considered a threat since they contribute to the development or exacerbation of many health problems, including diseases of the heart, lungs, and kidneys, respiratory distress, and the spread of Salmonella. Pigeons also produce highly acidic droppings that may cause extensive damage to the surfaces that come in contact with it.


While not technically birds, bats are flying mammals that cause issues similar to those associated with pigeons. Most bat pests enter the home through attic vents and proceed to roost from the rafters and ceiling boards. Bat excrement, or guano, has been associated with disease and property damage. In fact, bat infestation may result in the devaluation of a property by up to ten percent. Read more about our bat services here.

If you experiencing a bird problem, give us a call today. Our professionals have the expertise and tools to efficiently and effectively address a bird problem. We serve the Austin and San Antonio areas.