Corpus Christi Pest Control

As a property owner, keeping your home or office free of pests, all year around, can be a top priority. The humid subtropical climate of Texas is ideal for infestations from a variety of pests, such as bats, birds and carpenter ants. Eradicating household pests and rodents might seem like a simple task at first. Many homeowners fail to realize that common home remedies might just not be enough to bring about a long-term solution to a pesky problem. An experienced pest control professional will be able to use a combination of several preventive and treatment techniques that yield permanent and desirable results.

How Can Birds, Bats And Carpenter Ants Cause Damage?

Pest infestation, if left untreated, can catapult into a significant problem resulting in health hazards and financial damage. Often considered harmless, birds can cause major structural damage. Birds, such as sparrows, pigeons, owls, crows, hawks and woodpeckers, can nest inside attics and eaves of properties. Their toxic droppings can harbor salmonella and other disease-causing bacteria. Bats can enter properties through attic vents and nest under ceiling boards and rafts. Their droppings, also called guano, can cause structural damages and trigger many health issues. Carpenter ants are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. These tiny intruders nest in moist wood and can cause serious financial damage by drilling holes through the surfaces of walls and foundations.

Worldwide Pest Control Can Get Rid Of Every Pest In Your Home

Prompt professional intervention is the key to complete eradication. Over-the-counter pesticides and insecticides can be toxic and harmful. They can also be ineffective in completely eliminating the problem. Our experienced pest control experts will be able to analyze the species, and determine the most effective course of action. We use only non-toxic and eco-friendly remedies that are absolutely safe for your family and pets. Our knowledgeable team will also educate homeowners on enforcing effective prevention techniques. Keep your home free of unwanted pests with help from the professional exterminators at Worldwide Pest Control.