Pest insects come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more important to people than others, such as a honeybee versus a mosquito. Honey bees play an important part in the world around us and should be handled with care. Though they’re beneficial insects, they can also become a pest if they invade the wrong place.

If you’re dealing with a honey bee infestation in or around your home, Worldwide Pest Control is here to help.

Honey Bees: An Important Species

Honey bees are pollinators and help flowers and crops to produce seeds and fruit. They fly from plant to plant and collect the pollen as they go. Every time they land on a new plant, they fertilize it with the pollen. If a plant isn’t fertilized, it won’t produce fruit or seeds.

Some crops depend on honeybees for pollination, such as blueberries and cherries. Almonds are another crop that depend entirely on bee pollination. Honey bees also produce honey, a delicious and beneficial treat for people.

Are Honey Bees Dangerous?

Although a honey bee makes honey and fertilizes crops, it has a stinger at the tip of its abdomen. This stinger makes the honey bee a dangerous insect, especially if you are allergic to stings. When a honey bee stings a person, it injects venom into the skin. The venom causes allergic reactions in some people, such as anaphylactic shock. The sting also affects the honey bee.

Because the stinger has two barbs, the bee is unable to pull it out of the skin. When the bee stings you, it tears part of its abdomen and leaves behind the stinger. The bee dies soon after.

What Problems Do Honey Bees Cause?

Honey bees are a concern for people with bee sting allergies. However, they also cause problems for various structures such as houses and businesses. Bees will sometimes build their colonies in the cracks and crevices along eaves and siding. They’re also known to get into attics through the vents, constructing a massive colony within someone’s home.

Having bees in your home is scary and life-threatening if you’re allergic to them. The honey can also cause problems for the overall structure as it drips from the hive onto the floor or down the walls. The honey can also attract other pest insects and create even more infestations inside your home.

Professional Honey Bee Control

Honey Bees are stinging insects, so you shouldn’t handle them on your own. Let the Worldwide Pest Control professionals take care of the problem for you. Contact us to receive a free quote on our honey bee control services and to learn more about how we remove the bees from your home. Without proper and immediate control, a honey bee colony will continue growing and causing more problems down the road.