San Antonio Honey Bee Control

Honey bees perform a valuable function in our ecosystem, but when they invade a home or building, the situation is rather serious. Bees scout out places to establish colonies, and they may choose your home if they find entry to your walls or attic, especially if they wish to avoid heat or windy weather.

Dangers of Honey Bees

For obvious reasons, it would be rather undesirable to have a colony of bees inside your home, especially since the probability of getting stung would be rather high. If a bee sees you approach the inner walls or attic of your home, it will see you as an intruder of the colony. Honey bees are very loyal to their colony and will sting an intruder if possible.

Bee Prevention in San Antonio

In order to prevent the risk of this occurring in your home, you need to handle the situation as soon as you discover a honey bee infestation. Not only do you need to remove the bees from your home, but you also need to clean your walls and attic of all the honey that the bees produce. Leftover honey can seep through walls and cause permanent damage. You also need to seal any cracks in order to prevent a future honey bee invasion.

Professional Control

Since honey bees are dangerous and are highly likely to feel threatened if you try to handle the situation on your own, you need the help of a professional. If you need help ridding your home of honey bees and their honey, contact Worldwide Pest Control.  We have offices in both Austin and San Antonio.