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Bats can be a real threat to your health and home.


The fear of bats has been perpetuated for centuries. Although a superstitious fear of bats may be unfounded, there is ample scientific evidence to warrant your desire to bat-proof your home.

Signs of Bats
The bat is a nocturnal, flying animal that prefers dark, hidden areas. They are usually found in the attic, but they can also be found inside the walls of your home. They are rarely seen, but they may be recognized by the sounds that they make in the walls or attic. Bats may also be recognized by the droppings that they leave behind.

Health risks associated with Bats in San Antonio
Not only are bats annoying to have in the home, but they can also cause serious health problems. Their droppings contain a fungus that is harmful to human lungs. In fact, bat droppings can cause a condition known as histoplasmosis, and this condition can be fatal if it spreads to the rest of the body. In addition, bats can be carriers of the rabies virus. Of course, rabies is a very dangerous and potentially fatal disease. Although most bats are not rabid, you never want to take that chance.

Leave it to the professionals at WorldWide
Considering the serious health risks and the difficulty of locating bats, people should not try to handle a bat infestation on their own. It can also be very difficult to find the place where bats are entering your home. The best way to approach a bat infestation is to call a professional exterminator to bat-proof your home. If you are having trouble with bats in the San Antonio area, contact Worldwide Pest Control immediately.

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