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Controlling Stink Bugs in Austin, Texas

The climate of Austin, Texas, is inviting to several different kinds of pests, including the ever-present stink bug. These garden pests get their name from the fact that they emit a displeasing scent when they are handled, and for the most part, they are harmful only to plants and other insects, not human beings.

However, their harm to plants is a cause for concern, particularly if you are an avid gardener. One of the most common stink bugs in Austin is the Southern green stink bug, which likes to eat fruit such as peaches and tomatoes. They are also fond of seeds such as soybeans and of eating portions of plants that are merely ornamental and not grown for food. An invasion of stink bugs can cause great damage to a home garden or to a large crop in a short amount of time.

Researchers are even more concerned about stink bugs that are not native to the state. The brown marmorated stink bug from Asia has made its way to the United States, and entomologists are concerned that they may be attracted to Texas pecans. Like the green stink bug, the brown marmorated stink bug is not really a threat to human beings, but its presence may cause big problems for the larger ecosystem.

You can prevent a stink bug invasion by keeping your garden weeded and by spraying a solution of kaolin solution on your plants and in your garden. This makes your plants unappetizing to stink bugs. However, if stink bugs have already taken over, you will need help in getting them out of your yard. For that job, a professional exterminator with experience in stink bug management and eradication will be your best bet.

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