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How Insects Affect Your Lawn

Your lawn is probably a source of pride for you. After all, it is one of the first parts of your home that people can see as they drive by. However, your grass, shrubbery and flowers can easily be attacked by harmful pests. Read on to learn how insects affect your lawn and what you can do about it.

Check Your Lawn

You can tell that pests have invaded your beautiful green space a few ways. First, look to see if the grass is damaged in any way. This damage can take the form of dead grass, bite marks on individual blades, spots that are wilting or brown and insects crawling through the blades.

You can also look for holes in the earth or visibly damaged roots, as they signify damage under the surface of the topsoil. If the soil itself is being attacked by beetles, it may look dry or spongy.

Know the Pests

Some pests are great for your soil and lawn, like earthworms. Some, however, will cause damage. Watch out for grubs, in particular, because they will destroy the roots in your grass. Other, similar troublemakers are armyworms and weevils.

Some bugs won’t harm your lawn, but can definitely cause problems for you when they migrate from your lawn to the inside of your home. These creatures include ants, ticks, fleas, slugs and yellow jackets.

Another outside pest that loves to rest in your lawn is the ever-annoying mosquito. It may not damage your lawn, but it can prevent you from enjoying your time outside with itchy bites that can even spread harmful diseases.

Also, keep an eye out for animals that might burrow in your lawn. Squirrels may store their nuts for the winter, and groundhogs or moles can make huge mounds or burrows as they search for grubs to eat.

Contact a Professional

If you have problems with these pests and want to preserve your lawn in its healthiest state, seek a professional to help you. At Worldwide Pest Control, we provide experienced lawn service that will protect you from both weeds and those pests you hate.

Contact us today to submit a service request and let us help you keep your lawn looking beautiful.

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