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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Professional Turf Care

Treating turf effectively can be done in several steps, but sometimes it’s better to hire a professional lawn care service. The expertise that they’re equipped with will save you the time and hassle of having to spend a weekend digging through dirt. The following are the top five reasons to hire professional turf care.

Time and Energy

Extensive turf care that is done properly requires a significant amount of time and energy to complete. Maintenance is a physically taxing, year-long process that becomes more difficult as seasons change. Hiring professional turf care will allow you to spend more time on the weekends doing what you enjoy.


There are lawn projects that require a certain amount of expertise to complete efficiently. Certified landscapers will have the knowledge and skills that are necessary to handle tough turf projects. Making mistakes during turf care can cost you extra money by causing accidental damage.

Equipment and Lawn Products

Turf care services have professional-grade lawn products and equipment that can ensure the long-term health of your lawn. This means that you will not have to worry about acquiring fuel or taking care of the repairs and maintenance. This is one of the most significant benefits for people that don’t own lawn equipment such as weed whackers and leaf blowers.

Increase Home Value

The value of your home is important, especially for people that are looking to sell their home. Professional turf care is an investment that will boost the appeal of your home, and make it much more inviting to guests.

Dealing with Pests

Pest infestations are often difficult and potentially dangerous to deal with, and professional lawn care services often offer pest control. This is an excellent way to improve the look of your lawn while also dealing with a nuisance.

Contact World Wide Pest Control

If you live in San Antonio, Austin or the surrounding areas in Texas and you’re interested in professional lawn services, contact World Wide Pest Control. We will provide you with a weed free lawn that is resistant to insects and disease. Our services also include residential and commercial pest and mold control. Give us a call at (210)-591-1327 for our San Antonio office, (512)-549-4099 for our Austin office, or visit our website at for a free estimate.

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