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Ways To Prevent Mosquitos As Spring Approaches

As spring draws near, the warm weather that will be coming will bring mosquitoes with it. These troublesome pests stay out of mind during the winter. But, when the thermometer rises, they show up again with a vengeance.

Thankfully, there are ways you can help decimate the mosquito population in your yard so you can have a more enjoyable spring and summer. Here are some ways to prevent mosquitos during the warmer months ahead.

1. Keep Your Lawn Short

Mosquitos like long grass. It gives them places to eat, feed, nest and reproduce. In addition, longer grass gives more shade so they can stay out of the hot sun. Keeping your lawn trimmed will give mosquitos fewer places to hide from the sun and other predators and will be a less welcoming environment overall.

2. Remove Standing Water

Since mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water, it stands to reason that getting rid of water sources will make it harder for mosquitos to reproduce. Overturning containers that can fill up with water such as empty flower pots or pet bowls will help you accomplish this goal.

Locate and eliminate water-prone areas of your yard, such as low-lying areas or holes in the root systems by filling them up with dirt, fertilizer or other yard material. Getting rid of these watery areas will not only lessen the chance that mosquitos will breed around your property, but it will also give the mosquitos that do show up less water to drink, which will force them to go elsewhere.

4. Get Rid of Bushes and Trees

Mosquitos need shade to get out of the sun. You can get rid of this shade by removing trees, bushes, plants and other types of foliage. Be careful to not remove so much that you are unhappy with what your yard looks like!

5. Spray

While many people prefer not to use chemical solutions, there are some effective sprays on the market that can put a dent in the mosquito population in your yard. Read labels for safety information, however, especially when you have outdoor pets or small children.

Do not let mosquitos take over your yard this spring. If you would like to call in professionals to help with your pest control, please contact World Wide Pest Control today.

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