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What to Do if Wasps Have Taken Over Your Home

Dealing with wasps infestation is not easy, especially if you do not know what to do, and they are all over your home. It is even more challenging if this is your first time thinking about pest control. Do not worry or panic about the situation that can easily get out of hand, but quickly come up with a safe solution for everyone. The hot weather can cause the sudden pests’ infestation you have been noticing in your home. Below are some of the best solutions to consider.

Use Peppermint Oil

One of the best wasps control techniques, especially if you want to go for natural solutions, is using peppermint oil. Apart from keeping the pests away, it will have your house smelling heavenly. Use peppermint as a preventive measure as well since the insects are repelled by it.

Plant peppermint in your kitchen garden as well if you can. Pour a bit of the oil in different home areas, especially on crevices, porches, decks, and balconies since these are the places the insects majorly love to nest.

Use Sugar and Water Traps

Another natural and effective wasps control technique is the honey pot trap. Set the trap by mixing water and sugar in an enclosed container, such as a bottle. The solution will attract insects and trap them because they will not escape once they are in. They will eventually die.

Use Soapy Water

You can get rid of the wasps infestation in your home by turning to the suffocation technique. This is where you use soapy water on the insects and suffocate them to death. The soap clogs the insects’ breathing spores, leading to instant death.

This can be a safe and cheap way of killing the insects, especially if they are too many and pose the danger of stinging. All you need is two tablespoons of the soap to get rid of the insects.

Deal with the Nest

One of the most effective pest control tricks is to deal with the pest at its habitat. This means that you should get to the wasps by first finding where the nest is. When you tackle the problem from the nest, then the insects will not find their way into your home. Put some dishwashing soap at the entrance of the nest and watch them suffocate. You can then destroy the nest later.

Before coming up with a plan to get rid of the wasps, you need to first observe them. Depending on their behaviors, you can choose the most suitable solution for them. The ones mentioned above will work perfectly in most cases.

Contact a Professional

If you are faced with a pest problem, call a professional. Worldwide Pest Control has been providing quality pest control for over 30 years. Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

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