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Why Rodents Invade Your Home in the Winter

As the winter months approach, you may be growing anxious about getting visits from unwanted guests. As a homeowner, the thought of rodents crawling around in your home may put you on edge and cause you to lose sleep. The best way to prevent rodents from invading your home is preparation, so we’re here to help keep you informed and ready for whatever may come your way this winter. Below, you’ll find information about what draws rodents to your home in the cold months and how to prevent them from invading.

Why Do Rodents Invade Your Home?

Like any other creature, rodents need warmth to survive. Warmth is quite the commodity for animals in the wild during winter, so your home happens to be the perfect place for them to cuddle up and get cozy. On top of a lack of warmth, there is a distinct lack of food and water for rodents in the cold months, so your house also offers them a place to grab a meal.

How Do You Keep Rodents Out?

Rodents look for areas where they can hide in plain sight, steal exposed food, and bundle up for warmth. Make sure to clean any spots in your house that are cluttered. Pests will flock to these areas and make camps in piles of clothes, trash, leaves and firewood. If you have any standing water in your house, clear it out immediately as water is one of the precious resources that rodents are on the hunt for. Pet kibble and any exposed food offers easy eats for rodents, so keep food in containers and put away where it cannot be accessed. If you spill any liquid or food onto your floor, clean it up as soon as you can, or rats will come and clean it up for you.

To avoid drawing rodents in from the outside, ensure that your lawn is clear of leaf piles and stacks of debris. If you cut firewood, stack it at a distance from your home. Keep trash bins and other waste receptacles as far from your home as possible, and clean up any pet excrement that may be scattered around your property. If you’re dealing with pests in your home, it’s time to get in touch with the experts. At Worldwide Pest Control, we’re committed to taking care of your pest problems with precision and thoroughness. Our team of professionals is ready to help you – no matter the issue! Contact Worldwide Pest Control today to discover more about how we can serve you!

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