Worldwide Pest Control provides the following specialized services for your convenience

Lawn Care

Our lawn care services provide complete fertilization and weed control needs for homes, commercial facilities, and multi-family housing.

Apartment Division

Our trained and experienced pest management specialists provide our superior services to over 190,000 apartment homes in Central and South Texas each month. Please click here to view a comprehensive list of the owner/management companies that our company serves.

Termite Control

Our highly skilled termite control specialists can offer a choice of several advanced termite treatment technologies. We provide protection from termites for new and existing homes and buildings. Worldwide Pest Control’s featured technologies include Prevail FT and Termidor chemical barrier treatments, Sentricon Termite Baiting System, and Impasse Termite Blocker.

Pre-Construction Treatments

We provide treatments for custom homebuilders as well as high volume production builders.

Bee Removal and Control

Our highly trained technicians in this specialty department conduct honey bee removal and control; rodent, bird and bat exclusions from all types of homes and structures; and live trapping of nuisance urban wildlife pests. Captured animals are relocated to Wildlife Rescue or the Humane Society.