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The warm, humid climate of central Texas creates the perfect environment for unwanted pests. Cockroaches, spiders, termites, scorpions and fleas are often found in indoor living spaces. Animals like raccoons, skunks, rats and bats are also common in both urban and rural areas of central Texas. At Worldwide Pest Control, our eight-point system will rid your house, apartment or business property of unwanted insects and wildlife. Our environmentally sensitive treatments minimize risks to both humans and pets.

Although not all insects sting, most carry microbes that cause disease. Cockroach droppings aggravate allergies and asthma. Cockroaches spread 33 types of bacteria as well as parasites. Fleas and bedbugs cause itching and allergies. Stinging or biting insects like bees, scorpions and spiders pose a double threat of pain from the sting, allergic reaction and possible infection. Wildlife also carries diseases like rabies, tetanus and histoplasmosis, a fungus common in bird and bat droppings.

Our trained technicians help you identify points of entry into your building, suggest ways to eliminate nesting environments and breeding grounds and recommend ways to maintain your outside grounds and lawn and interior living space to eliminate or minimize re-infestation.

We carefully examine elements of your building including the indoor environment and outdoor landscape to identify where insects and wildlife are able to enter. We then look for their nesting grounds. We recommend ways to seal places of entry, remove nesting material and identify environments that foster re-infestation like rotted wood or moist under-sink areas. We treat infested areas with products and practices that remove the habitat or disrupt the breeding cycle of the pest.

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