Termites are regarded as social cockroaches, and they are called white ants. Don’t be confused by this information. These pale-colored, soft-bodied insects are more destructive than ants and cockroaches. They can cause a higher level of damage to your residential and commercial properties. The three species include drywood, dampwood and subterranean.

According to homeowners and pest control experts, subterranean termites pose the greatest threat. This species has the ability to create much larger colonies. By building and traveling through mud tunnels, the pests can make their way around your home or business and can wreak havoc on the various structural elements. Since all three species will feast on wood to satisfy their cravings for cellulose, it’s easy to see how they are responsible for causing billions in property damage. The good news is that termite infestations can be eliminated not only by professional exterminators but also with Bora Care.

The Function and Benefits of Bora Care

It’s no secret that most pest control companies prefer this treatment. Unlike a lot of insecticides, Bora Care really gives wood a heightened degree of protection. It penetrates the deepest layers to turn wood into an effective death trap for termites. After the pests ingest some Bora Care, they die abruptly because the poison works fast. For this reason, you can use Bora-Care to facilitate your effort to reestablish a termite-free indoor environment.

The benefits of using Bora Care are plentiful. For starters, you only have to treat your property once because it remains on the wood. Furthermore, it can be used to get rid of a variety of insects, including beetles. What boosts the effectiveness of Bora-Care? The active ingredient is borate salt. When it comes to applying Bora Care, you have several options. You can spread this potent liquid with a spray bottle or any type of brush. Even if an infestation has spiraled out of control, it’s possible for you to achieve your desired result since this liquid targets large and small infestation problems. However, there’s a simpler way to eliminate all your concerns. The best solution for you involves turning to Worldwide Pest Control.

We Exterminate Termites Without Harming the Environment

At our company, we make it a point to become familiar with the most powerful methods and techniques. From Prevail FT to Sentricon Termite Baiting Systems, we know all the ins and outs of getting results with tried-and-true technologies. Because our exterminators are determined to satisfy you, you can look forward to having an excellent experience as a customer at Worldwide Pest Control. We prefer to treat customers like individuals the entire time we are fulfilling our duties. That’s why Bora-Care treatments should be left to trained specialists like us. We don’t disappoint or waste time. The objective is to solve and prevent termite-related problems so that you can maintain your peace of mind.

Whether you have a brand-new home or a long-standing business, we will have you covered. Subterranean termites can’t hide from us in the soil, and drywood termites can’t escape our advanced detection methods. If you suspect that your home or business has been invaded, look no further. Your property is due for a thorough inspection. Call Worldwide Pest Control at your earliest convenience to get a free quote and to schedule an appointment.