Terrell Hills may only sit five miles from downtown San Antonio, but it feels like an entirely different place altogether. It’s more peaceful here yet still puts you near all the major attractions in the area, such as the zoo and the botanical garden.

Pests thrive in Terrell Hills and the surrounding San Antonio area thanks to a humid, subtropical climate. These pests invade homes and businesses year-round and cause problems for everyone in the suburbs.

If you’re fed up with annoying insects and rodents, let Worldwide Pest Control come in and kick them out.

Residential Pest Control

A clean home doesn’t equal a pest-free home. Even if you clean up every crumb and wipe up every spill, pests will still invade your home. They’re always looking for a new place in which to build a nest for breeding. If you ignore the pests in your home, it can cause a major infestation in the future.

We take pride in our pest control services, successfully eliminating countless pests from homes across the area. We provide thorough inspections, effective treatment services and long-lasting preventative measures to bring infestations under control.

Commercial Pest Control

You should never give insects and rodents a chance to invade your business. That’s why prevention is so important in the fight against infestations. Once an infestation takes over, it can hurt your company’s growth, sales and reputation.

We work hard to find the source of the infestation, sealing entry points and preventing the pests from coming back indoors. We also work with our local businesses and come up with custom solutions to prevent pest infestations no matter the season.

Our Pest Elimination Services

We provide several pest control services for homes and businesses in Terrell Hills and the surrounding area. Some of our most requested services include:

Once a few pests invade homes and businesses, they won’t go away on their own. That’s the moment when Worldwide Pest Control steps in and takes control. Contact us to learn more about our pest elimination services and to get your free quote. We make it our business to eliminate unwanted pests and to keep them out of homes and businesses in Terrell Hills for good.