Just outside busy San Antonio sits a peaceful area called Universal City. Residents find comfort here away from the noise of the big city while businesses thrive within reach of their customers. The weather in this part of Texas makes it an attractive place in which to live.

Pest insects and rodents also enjoy this area and come into contact with residences and businesses every day. If you’re dealing with an infestation on your property, Worldwide Pest Control is here to help.

Residential Pest Control

When you come home from a long day, the last thing that you want to encounter is roaches or other pests in your living space. Some people turn to do-it-yourself methods to kill the pests only to find out that they don’t really work. If you allow the infestation to linger, it will turn into a much bigger problem later.

We have the experience to seek out and to exterminate pests in your home. We’ll start with an inspection and look for entry points where the pests invade the interior. We’ll seal the areas, treat the infestation and provide preventative options to keep them out.

Commercial Pest Control

Having a pest infestation is one way to keep customers from coming back to your business. As business owners in the San Antonio area, we understand the importance of keeping insects and rodents away from your property.

Our trained pest control professionals are here to help eliminate and to prevent unwanted pests in your business. We’ll customize a treatment plan based on your current situation and tailor it to fit your pest control needs for the long term.

We Provide Many Pest Control Services

We have treated numerous homes and businesses in Universal City and the surrounding areas. Some of our effective pest control services include:

When pests have you searching for solutions, don’t try ineffective DIY methods. Contact Worldwide Pest Control for help. We offer free quotes on our services and can provide more information about how we eliminate and prevent infestations in homes and businesses. We’ll even create a customized treatment plan to keep your property free of pests throughout the year.