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4 Ways to Stop Ants From Entering Your Kitchen

Of all household pests, ants are definitely one of the most persistent and pervasive species. No matter how well-built or secure your home is, they always seem to find a way into your kitchen eventually. 

Keeping a clean, dry kitchen is the first step to stopping an ant invasion. However, some homeowners find that has limited effectiveness. Fortunately, there are many ways you can stop ants from entering your kitchen without resorting to pesticides or hiring an exterminator. Here are three DIY methods that you can use at home:

1. Chalk

Common sidewalk or blackboard chalk has a high concentration of calcium carbonate. They hate this substance, as it interferes with the sensory receptor organs they use to navigate. So they avoid contact with it at all costs. Draw chalk lines across any pathways or doorways where you believe ants are entering your home. They will never cross them.

2. Vinegar and Water

This solution functions by erasing/disrupting the scent trails ants leave for other ants to follow to and from the colony. Most of them cannot navigate independently of one another, which is why you rarely see a lone ant wandering around in search of food. The smell of acetic acid (white vinegar) also overwhelms their sense of smell, making it impossible for them to go anywhere but back the way they came.

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray it across doorways and windowsills where you have seen them. The chief benefit of using this method is that it works even after ants have gotten into your kitchen and prevent them from gaining a foothold.

3. Citrus

Oranges and lemons have a similar effect to vinegar and water for deterring ants. The high citric acid content in both fruits tends to disrupt ants’ ability to smell and navigate to and from the colony, so spritzing a little lemon juice and water around doorways and windows can deter most ants.

However, diluted orange juice has a higher sugar content and can actually attract ants as opposed to repelling them. Alternatively, you can also leave some fresh orange or lemon peels outside to keep ants occupied and out of your kitchen.

4. Call a Professional

Although DIY methods can work for a short period of time, they are not a long term solution. Ants are persisant and travel in large colonies. If you San Antonion or Austin home is suffering from an ant infestation is it best to call a professional.

Worldwide pest control is here to help! Our experts are trained to exterminate the ant infestation at the source. Don’t let ants into your home, schedule an appointment today.

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