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5 Ways Mice Get into Your House

Mice are warm-blooded creatures. This makes a home the ideal place for a rodent to find shelter and food. Here are five ways that mice get into your house and ways to stop the problem.

1. Though the Garage. Many people leave a garage door open throughout the day. This becomes a very easy way for a mouse to enter the home, especially if the garage is attached. It is essential to keep the doors closed at all times. This includes when a person is working outside.

2. Decorations. Holidays are a popular time for people to set out decorations and make the house look festive. Mice tend to burrow in these items. This means that when decorations are taken back into the house, mice find themselves inside as well. To prevent this problem, a person should inspect the items before taking them down. Also, it is wise to store them outside in a shed.

3. Window Openings and Wall Cracks. Mice have unique body shapes that can fit through extremely small holes. They can enter through gaps in walls or windows. These holes must be filled with caulk to keep mice outside.

4. Ventilation Holes. Every home needs a source of ventilation. However, this creates a convenient place for mice to enter. A person should use metal screening to cover ventilation stacks.

5. Sewer Lines. Rodents swim well and often enter a home through sewer lines. It is essential to cap all drain pipes, especially under a sink or where there is an uninstalled toilet.

Mice enter homes looking for food and warmth. To deter rodents, food should be stored in plastic containers, and spills should be wiped away quickly. Mice will nest anywhere. This means that piles of clothes or other items should be kept off the floor. Also, being aware of how rodents enter a home will help to keep an infestation from occurring. However, if a problem is suspected, it is best to consult with a professional exterminator.

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