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Are Bugs Bigger in Texas?

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. Is this true regarding bugs and other common pests? There are several types of pests that are common throughout Texas. While they may not be bigger than the ones present in other locations, the problems they create can prove to be quite significant. Here we will discuss five of the most common pests in Texas and what you can do to reduce your risk of having problems with them.

Five Common Pests in Texas

Texas is home to many types of pests that can creep into your home and create many issues. Here are the five most common types of pests that Texas residents deal with.


Although one of the smallest pests, mosquitoes are perhaps the most hated of all bothersome creatures. These tiny blood-sucking insects can create quite an annoying situation at family gatherings and outdoor parties. Mosquitoes on constantly on the search for humans to bite because they rely on human blood as their primary source of food. Since they are capable of carrying and spreading serious diseases, it’s important to keep the mosquito population around your home under control.


There are as many 200 species of ants that call Texas home. Ants can come into your home in search of food or water. Once they find a good source of nutrition, they leave behind a scent trail that attracts the rest of the colony to the source. This can result in your ant population increasing to the point that it becomes hard to manage. Ants are well known for getting into your food supplies and opened items in your pantries and shelves.


There are many varieties of roaches residing in Texas. Roaches multiply extremely quickly. They can come into your home in search of food. They are drawn to the same types of foods that humans eat, so it can be a common occurrence to notice them in your pantry or kitchen areas. They can even congregate near the trash can to feed on discarded food scraps.


There are close to one thousand species of spiders that live in Texas. Although many people are fearful of all types of spiders, the brown recluse and the black widow are the most venomous of the bunch. Brown recluse bites can create a necrotizing effect on the skin. Black widow bites are serious and require immediate medical attention. It pays to keep on the lookout for problems with these two spider varieties in particular.


There are almost 20 different types of scorpions commonly seen throughout Texas. Some scorpions produce a very painful and toxic sting. Scorpions of all types are very well known for hiding in dark areas of your home. It is important to be aware of the potential for scorpion stings and try to avoid getting infestations inside your home.

At Worldwide Pest Control, we take maintaining a pest free home as serious as you do. This is why we offer state-of-the-art methods for removing pests and keeping them from coming back. If you are having problems getting the upper hand on your pest problem, contact us at Worldwide Pest Control today for a complete home inspection.

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