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Are Cockroaches Really Unkillable?

We’ve all heard the notion that cockroaches are somehow unkillable pests. For as long as we can remember, we’ve been told that, but we’ve also been told that it was a myth. So which one is it? Well, let’s get one thing straight.

Cockroaches are undeniably tough, but unkillable? Well, no. So why is there such a strong notion that they’re some immortal pest?

One reason is that cockroaches are very strong. By very strong, we mean that they’re capable of withstanding up to 900 times their own body weight. That’s an insane amount of strength in their extremely flexible exoskeletons.

All of that strength makes them difficult to crush, squish or stomp out of your way. To make things worse, they’re able to squeeze themselves into almost any tight crevice to escape you.

They can also survive being underwater for up to 40 minutes simply by holding their breath and can keep going for an entire week without their own head! The only reason that eventually stops them is that they’re unable to eat or drink without it.

Although, we’re lucky they can’t grow that back because healing is yet another ability they claim. With that healing, comes the regrowing of limbs– even if they’re knocked right off.

We could make a few more points, but we’re sure that you get the point now. Despite all of those defenses, they aren’t unkillable. The job can be done by professionals.

How Do You Kill Them?

Gel bait.

Professional pest control specialists employ a long-range of effective techniques to dispose of cockroaches. A few of those are things like gel bait.

The gels use several insecticides and come packaged in a syringe for easy use. The syringe gives pest control specialists the capability to apply the gel in all of the small crevices that cockroaches like to hide.

Boric acid.

Boric acid is actually one of the more common techniques used. It’s often applied as dust and then scattered over surfaces around the home. It’s also puffed into cracks where cockroaches like to hide.

Once the cockroaches crawl over the powder, they coat themselves with it and eventually ingest it. Boric acid is also a great long-term solution because it remains effective as long as it’s dry.

Get Professional Help if You Have a Cockroach Problem.

Cockroaches are too tough and persistent to deal with on your own. If you have a problem with them invading your space, then get some backup. WorldWide Pest Control is here to help you. We have several proven strategies that will all deal with those pesky cockroaches. Call WorldWide Pest Control for the help you need now.

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