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Bed Bug Control in Austin

Austin has become one of the top cities in the U.S. to be affected by bed bugs. Bed bugs are small brown insects that feed on human blood. These pests do not exclusively live in beds, but that is where they are most commonly found. These pests spread when people or animals come into contact with them and unwittingly carry them or their eggs to new places. They can survive in a wide variety of temperate conditions and are found throughout the world. Bed bug bites may cause rashes, blisters, or allergic reactions.

Bed bugs are not always easy to detect, due to their preference for dark, hidden crevices. Often, bites are the first sign of an infestation. They may also leave behind visible fecal spots or the exoskeletons that they have shed. Sometimes, one can recognize them by the smell they cause, which is reminiscent of rotten raspberries. In fact, some dogs are trained to detect them by recognizing this scent.

Defending Your Bedroom From Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs is difficult in Austin. A number of different pesticides have been effectively used against them in the past, but these are imperfect solutions, because of negative health effects they have on humans and the bugs’ increasing resistance to them. Keeping the infested area warm and dry can help, since bed bugs do not thrive under such conditions. Other home remedies have been proposed, but they are often extremely time-consuming and expensive.

No do-it-yourself technique is very effective against these resilient insects. The best response if you are suffering from bed bugs is to contact a pest-control service. Professionals are better-equipped than others at detecting bed bugs, and they have access to materials that are more successful at eliminating them. Hiring professionals is almost always far more convenient and usually also less costly.

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