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Can Pests Infest Your Car?

It may seem unlikely that a pest infestation could occur in your car, but it can happen. In fact, with winter fast approaching, insects, birds and even rodents are more likely to infest your car because they’ll be looking for a warm place to hide. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent infestations from occurring as well as treatment options if pests do move into your car.

Reported Car Infestations

One car owner recently confirmed that she had a bed bug infestation in her vehicle. She attempted to eliminate them by steam cleaning the car. However, she was unsuccessful because it was hard to reach between the car’s many interior crevices. The car owner wound up calling a pest expert for help.

Another car owner reported that stinkbugs had infested his car. The bugs can climb into door panels, insulation and even the motor. Keep in mind that stinkbugs are attracted to warmth, so after stopping your vehicle, roll down the windows to equalize the interior temperatures. By eliminating the warmth, insects should avoid your car. If you continue to come across bugs in your automobile, you will likely need help from a pest professional.

Keep your Car Secure with Prevention

Bed bugs, cockroaches and ants are several types of pests that are known to infest cars. Clutter attracts these kinds of insects, so be sure to clean your car frequently to avoid an infestation. Do not allow garbage to accumulate inside your car, and don’t store items in it. Wipe down your car’s interior surfaces. Also, vacuum it often to keep your car free of bugs and other pests.

When to Call a Pest Expert

By design, cars have cracks, panel crevices and gaps, so creatures can get inside them easily. If an infestation has occurred in your car, be sure to contact a professional pest control company for safe extermination services.

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