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Five Signs of a Bedbug Infestation

You do not have to be a master detective to know something isn’t right. You may wake up feeling itchy or see odd specks on your mattress or bedding. Sometimes you just do not want to face what these little signs are telling you. However, the sooner you know of a bedbug infestation, the better.

With some knowledgeable investigation, you can quickly determine if you have these unwanted invaders in your home. Prepare yourself by learning the five most distinctive signs of a bedbug infestation:

1. Reddish, Itchy Bumps

Throughout the day, you begin itching in places that you have not itched before. Upon examination, you see that you are not dealing with a general rash, but a patch of red welts or bumps. These bites often appear in rows or zig-zagged patterns, as if a bug or its family has grazed on you for a meal. It is time to start looking.

2. Bloody, Rusty-looking Stains

Grab a flashlight and go straight to the most likely scene of the crime: your bed. Peel back the covers and strip the sheets. If you see spots or streaks of blood or rusty-looking spots along your pillowcase, sheets or mattress, you are well on the way to learning the source of your itch.

3. White Shell Casings

You are not just looking for red. You might also find little white, oblong specks that look like grains of rice. These sticky egg sacks are signs that bedbugs have taken up residence and are producing large amounts of offspring. The time to act is now.

4. Odd, Musty Smell

Do not just depend on what you see. Let your nose also be an investigative tool. If you notice an unpleasant odor that smells something like spoiled food or damp, moldy clothing, you are rounding out your clues. Your detective work is almost complete.

5. Scurrying Bugs 

Criminals tend to return to the scene of their crime. Bedbugs are no different. Even though they are masters at hiding, it will not be long before you see a rogue one here or there. Bedbugs are flat-bodied, wingless insects about the size of an apple seed. Unlike an ant or small beetle, a bedbug will begin to scurry for cover, moving in a panicked, zigzag pattern. Thus the phrase, “Crazy as a bedbug” is a fitting description of their spastic movements.

Contact the Professionals

Do not leave your investigation of bedbugs to chance. The professionals at Worldwide Pest Control are equipped to help you in the detection and elimination of bedbugs. Call Worldwide Pest Control today to remove these tiny criminals from your home once and for all

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