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How to Get Real Results Against Pests!

There is a blinding amount of pest control “solutions” preached almost everywhere.

That’s all well and good, but it’s frustrating when a good majority of them aren’t anywhere near as effective as you were lead to believe.

But what can you do? You need those so-called solutions to deal with pests.

We know more than a thing or two about dealing with pests at Worldwide Pest Control, so let us help you out! We’ll give you the tips and tricks to get actual results.

Keep the Kitchen Spotless.

We know that you might’ve expected another kind of solution, but this is what works. If you can manage to keep your kitchen clean by reducing the amount of food pests can access, you’ll quickly see results.

Pests thrive on dirty kitchen surfaces. You need to take the proper precautions by sealing food containers and regular cleaning to avoid inviting pests for a meal.

Trim Low-Hanging Branches and Bushes.

Low-hanging branches, bushes and plants touching your home must be trimmed. All three of those can act as a highway for pests to skate onto, then into your home.

When you trim them and continue maintaining a proper distance, you’ll see fewer pests making the journey into your home.

It can also be a good idea to seal any cracks or crevices that could lead to your home.

Don’t Allow Any Standing Water.

All pests need water to survive. If you leave water sitting out, it’s allowing them to take a sip. Pests like rodents and cockroaches are especially common. In other cases, it could also serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

You don’t need or want those things. So be sure to dump out any sitting water that you find, inside or outside your home.

Dispose of Your Trash Regularly.

On a similar note as our first point, you need to take proper care of the trash. When trash sits out, even for a small amount of time, it attracts all sorts of pests. Among those pests is the house fly. House flies are massive pains that nobody wants to deal with.

Keep them away by taking proper care of your trash and ensuring access is sealed off. Learn more about how to take care of house flies here.

For those of you with a completely infested home, we’re afraid these steps won’t be enough. If you want the real results against pests, we can provide you with that. Call Worldwide Pest Control now.

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