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How To Keep Pests Away From Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Day only comes once a year, so why let pests ruin your delicious dinner? Even during the fall, pests come out from their hiding spots at the first sign of food. If you want to keep them away while you’re eating, it’s important to take some preventative measures against roaches, rodents and other invasive pests. Worldwide Pest Control has five tips to help give you a pest-free home this Thanksgiving.

5 Pest-Prevention Tips for Thanksgiving Day

1 – Don’t leave food uncovered.

Leaving uncovered food on the counter or the table is one of the quickest ways to attract flies and other pests. Use plastic wrap to cover the food, or place it in the refrigerator once everyone has finished eating. If you serve the food in plastic containers or glass dishware, cover them with lids to keep pests out of the dining area.

2 – Don’t let the trash pile up.

It’s easy to let the trash pile up bag after bag, especially when you’re too tired to move from eating all that food. However, that trash will attract pests such as flies, ants and roaches by the dozens until it leads to a bad infestation. Take out the trash once it fills the can, and place it outside in a covered bin.

3 – Don’t avoid lawn maintenance.

Most infestations start in the lawn and move their way inside your home. The climate in Texas provides the grass with plenty of sun and nutrients to continue growing throughout the fall. Make sure to mow the grass to a short length, and pull any weeds that have grown near your home. A well-maintained lawn will deter pest infestations and prevent bothersome invasions during the holidays.

4 – Don’t overestimate proper storage.

Invest in plastic storage containers with lids for Thanksgiving. Once you’re done eating, store everything neatly in its own container, and label it with the name of the food and the date. Pantry pests and rodents like to infest open containers in the cupboard. If you put cereal, rice and flour in their own plastic containers, it will prevent pests from contaminating your food and eliminate infestations altogether.

5 – Don’t forget to clean up.

Clean up as you cook to decrease your chores for later. If you clean up after eating, which includes sweeping up crumbs in hard-to-reach places, you’ll prevent insect pests from moving in and infesting your kitchen and dining area.

Experienced Pest Control Service for Thanksgiving

Contact Worldwide Pest Control for a complete inspection before Thanksgiving. Our professional technicians will inspect your home and eliminate pests before they get out of control. We’ll also use preventative treatments to ward off insects and rodents, giving you a pest-free home for the holidays.

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