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How To Keep Your Pets From Bringing Pests Into Your Home

It’s pretty easy for your pets to bring pests into your home. This is especially true for dogs because they love the outdoors and tend to roll around while they are playing. Pests are attracted to your pets, and will frequently bury themselves into your pet’s thick fur. However, there are several steps you can take to minimize pets bringing pests into your home. Here are a few of them.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Having a clean yard will keep pests out from the start. Many pests are attracted to food debris, feces and yard waste. If you keep your yard clean, pests will not be attracted to the area. Taking some key steps to clean up after your pet and cleaning up trash right away will help you maintain a neat and tidy yard.

Check Your Pet Often

Always check your pet’s fur before it comes inside, especially if you live in a heavily wooded area. Check thoroughly for ticks and ants. It can be difficult to see ticks if your pet is furry, but you will be able to feel them with your hands. Checking your pet’s fur will keep your home pest-free and will also protect your pet’s health, as ticks can cause Lyme disease in both animals and humans.

Bathe Your Pets Regularly

Your pets should have routine baths to maintain cleanliness. Whether you bathe your pets yourself or take them to a groomer is up to you. But, they should get a bath at least once every two weeks to ensure their fur is clean and they are not carrying pests around.

Keep Pet Belongings Clean

Clean your pet’s bed, toys and other belongings at the same time your pet has a bath so everything is pest-free and you don’t have to worry.

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