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How to Prepare Your Home for Treatment?

Bedbugs are often very difficult to eliminate once they’ve infested your home. However, you can make the elimination process much easier by cooperating with the pest control company. Follow this checklist to help you and your pest control professionals remove the bedbugs quickly.

Don’t Move Any of Your Belongings to Another Home

Do not do this during or before treatment unless you know they’re not infested. If they’re infested, they may spread bedbugs to another home, car or workplace in a bag or box then re-infest your home after treatment. Move very few items if possible, and check for bedbugs before removing them.

Wash All Bedding Items in Hot Water

After washing, dry them on the highest dryer setting possible without damaging the items. Once you’ve thoroughly dried them, place them in trash bags and keep them separated from potentially infested items.

Wash All Clothing in Hot Water

Once you’ve washed them, dry them on the highest dryer setting as well without damaging them. Clothing that can’t be laundered and dried such as jackets and coats, can be dry-cleaned or inspected carefully. Do not place your clothing in any infested rooms or areas until the treatment has been completed.

Place Curtains, Pillows, Towels, Stuffed Animals, etc. in the Dryer

These items should be on the highest, safe dryer setting possible for at least 30 minutes and double bag them right after drying.

Carefully Inspect All Items That Cannot Be Washed

These items include electronics, toys, books, picture frames, etc.

Store Cleaned and Dried Items in Plastic Bags

Store the items until the treatment is complete and the bedbugs are removed. Vacuum and wash all floors and place the vacuum bag into a separate plastic bag before disposing of it to prevent bedbugs from escaping.

Vacuum the Mattress and Box Spring to Remove Bedbugs

If the mattress and box spring are going to be encased, use one that’s bedbug-proof to ensure the bedbugs do not escape.

Thoroughly Vacuum Couches, Chairs and Recliners

Be sure to vacuum underneath the furniture as well. Vacuum all areas on the furniture that will need to be treated. Immediately double-bag and discard the vacuum bags in an outdoor trashcan to prevent any bedbugs caught in the vacuum from spreading.


For an effective way to eliminate bedbugs and any other pests, work with Worldwide Pest Control. We provide quality pest and termite control services with professionally trained pest management specialists. For more information, contact Worldwide Pest Control today.

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