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Invasion of the Stink Bugs

Fall time introduces a smelly threat to homes across the nation: stink bugs. These bugs pile up along exterior walls and look for ways to get inside your home. They emit a foul odor when confronted or squashed, and they’re especially resistant to over-the-counter pest control. With a few preventative techniques, you can keep the pests out and save your home from a stinky winter.

5 Tips to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

1. Use a Vacuum

If the bugs get into your home, use your vacuum cleaner to clean them up. Take the vacuum outside, and clear the bugs off your walls, windows and doors.

2. Seal All Cracks

Use a sealant to block the gaps around basement and attic windows, dryer vents and other easy-access points. Install foam inserts around doors to keep the bugs from squeezing through the gaps.

3. Take Out Window Units

Remove all window air conditioning units for the winter. Stink bugs can climb through the units and invade your home.

4. Use Homemade Stink Bug Traps

Cut the tops off a few jugs, and fill the containers with dish soap and water. Place the jugs outside around the doors and windows. Stink bugs will gather around the jugs and drown when attempting to drink.

5. Hire a Professional

Contact a pest control professional to come in and evaluate the infestation. Without proper maintenance, stink bugs can quickly infest a home. Though do-it-yourself methods can slow the bugs down, they do not provide an effective solution for treating and preventing stink bug infestations.

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