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Keeping Bugs Out of Your 4th of July Barbecue

Summer is almost upon us, and that means that it is time to start thinking about your Fourth of July barbeques! There is nothing better than enjoying hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on the grill while sitting outside watching the sunset. But, the fun can be quickly spoiled when pesky bugs swarm in, invade your space and get into your food. Keep reading for four ways to keep bugs out of your summer barbecues.

Use a Fan

All bugs, but especially mosquitoes, are easily blown away in a slight wind. Placing a small circulating fan can help to keep bugs from flying around your patio and onto your food. They also cover a large area, which makes them ideal for big spaces like patios and yards. Additionally, a fan will not only help you to keep the insects away, but it will help you to stay cool as well.

Address Standing Water

If you have birdbaths, potted plants, rain gutters or any other objects that can collect water around your patio or backyard, then you may be attracting bugs. Check around your home for any signs of stagnant water, even if it is just a puddle on the ground. If you frequently find puddles of standing water around your home, they can be breeding grounds for insects such as mosquitoes.

Create Your Own Repellent

Most people will invest in repellents such as citronella candles or tiki torches. Others choose to purchase insect repellents that use harsh chemicals. Bu,t there are also natural ways to repel insects, such as creating your own repellent. An effective recipe consists of witch hazel, jojoba oil, and several other essential oils. Research recipes to determine which you like the most and try them out. You may find that you prefer your homemade repellent.

Wear Insect Repellent

Whenever you go outside, especially in the evening, it is wise if you spray yourself with insect repellent. Whatever product you decide to use, whether it is purchased from the store or an herbal remedy, know that you are doing yourself a favor. Protecting yourself from insect bites is important, as they can adversely affect your health. But, it also creates a relaxed atmosphere as you enjoy your barbecue in your backyard without the hassle of biting insects.

If insects are invading your barbecue festivities, then contact Worldwide Pest Control, Inc. today.

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