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Most Common Pests in San Antonio & Austin, Texas

No matter where you live, you can experience pest problems. However, if you live in a location with a warm climate, you are even more susceptible to experiencing a variety of pests. Texas is a state with warm weather, and those who live in San Antonio and Austin, Texas are definitely going to have interactions with some pests while they live there. Here are the most common pests in San Antonio and Austin, Texas.


Ants can live in all climates, but they prefer hot weather. Texas is the perfect place for ants to live because they thrive in the heat and they will not have issues with rain and flooding. While most ants don’t cause harm, they can be very annoying and challenging to completely exterminate. If you notice ants in your home, make sure you get rid of food debris and other trash, as those items can attract ants from miles away.


Just like ants, cockroaches thrive in the hot weather. They are very common in Texas and are often found in homes and garages. They are not harmful, but they are a real nuisance. If you notice cockroaches in your home, you should call an exterminator right away, as it can take time to exterminate them completely.

Black Widow Spider

Black widow spiders are extremely common in Texas. They are not deadly and will only bite when threatened. However, their bites can still cause some concerning symptoms, so if you see a black widow spider, you should stay away. If you notice this spider in your home, you should call a pest professional right away, as there could be more of these spiders hiding in your attic or basement. You definitely don’t want this spider making a nest in your home, so make sure to take care of the problem immediately.

If you need a team of professional pest control experts to fix your pest problems, we are the company you are looking for. At Worldwide Pest Control, we specialize in all kinds of pest control, from termite extermination to flea control, to cockroach control. Our team of pest experts would be happy to come to your home and or business and work for you. Click here or give us a call at 210-734-0000. We look forward to working with you!

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