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Pest Attacks From Below and Above Ground

The category of lawn pests doesn’t just include ants, termites and mosquitoes; it also includes larger critters that burrow underground and wreak havoc in your yard. Some of these critters include gophers and groundhogs, both of which feast on your fruit and vegetable gardens and create holes in your groomed landscaping. However, these are not the only pests that destroy your lawn on the surface or underground.

Lawn Critters and Their Destructive Behavior

While they may look cute, gophers and groundhogs tear up your lawn in a matter of minutes, such as creating dirt mounds and breaking fruit-bearing plants. In addition, moles do a good job of scarring your landscape by creating circular mounds of dirt and long ridges throughout the yard. While moles don’t eat plants, their tunneling can ruin an otherwise pristine lawn during the year.

Other critters, such as possums, have faces only a mother could love and also eat the vegetables out of your garden. They also scavenge in garbage bins and scatter trash over the lawn in the same way that raccoons do. Both possums and raccoons cause the same amount of lawn damage on the surface while moles do most of the damage below ground.

How to Get Rid of Lawn Pests

Unfortunately, do-it-yourself trapping solutions don’t always work, as more critters will just follow behind and continue to bombard your lawn. In addition, chemical treatments harm humans and other animals in the area. If you have critters making a mess in your yard, contact a pest control professional who can develop curative and preventative methods for handling your situation.

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