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Pest Magnets Around Your Home

Your home offers a place of comfort for family and friends. However, you may be extending this welcome to uninvited guests like insects and rodents. Learn how to locate and eliminate pest hotspots by considering these three main areas.

3 Things That Attract Pests to Your Home

Wondering what is attracting pests to your home? These are mostly likely the answer.

Your Yard

Pests have the same basic needs that you do: water, food and shelter. Go on a hunt for areas in your yard that are attracting harmful invaders:

  1. Standing water: Look for areas where water is collecting like overturned lids, buckets and birdbaths. Drain water immediately and revisit these places after heavy rains.

  2. Gutters and standing debris: Clear away any debris where pests can hide and make their homes. These areas include clogged gutters, overgrown shrubbery and woodpiles. Eliminate debris that stands near or touches your home. 

  3. Animal feeding areas: Pet bowls and bird feeders provide nourishment to the animals that you enjoy. Don’t unintentionally feed the pests you are trying to avoid.  Feed only at certain times and keep feeding areas away from your home.

Your Entranceways

Freshen your entranceways to make them more attractive to the guests you want while keeping out those you do not. Focus on these main steps:

  1. Porches: Keep porches swept and clutter-free. Inspect plants and decor for telltale signs of pest nesting areas.

  2. Gaps in doors and windows: Look for any ways that pests may be entering your home. Seal up cracks and gaps using clear caulk and steel wool. Replace rubber door sweeps and seals as needed.

  3. Outdoor lighting: Attach security lighting away from your home and research bulbs that emit rays that will repel insects, such as LED yellow bug lights.

Your Living Areas

If an insect or rodent does make its way into your home, you need to make sure that it doesn’t stay long. Eliminate these prime areas that would encourage pests to take up residence:

  1. Food residue: Keep counters and tables wiped down and free of any crumbs or spills.

  2. Cardboard boxes: Cardboard is a feasting material for a host of disgusting species. Quickly tear down and discard cardboard boxes. Replace them with hard plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.

  3. Trash: Do not let trash pile up. Seal any remnants of food in bags and quickly remove them from your home.

Create a space that is inviting to humans but unwelcoming to pests. Call on the experts of Worldwide Pest Control, Inc. Our professionals are equipped to help you in the detection and elimination of all unwanted species. Contact Worldwide Pest Control today as a first step in keeping your property pest-free.

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