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Pests That Show Up in the Spring

With the end of winter comes the sense of new beginnings, beautiful blooms and sunny days. Unfortunately, it also means that pests are coming out of hibernation along with other creatures. The last thing that you want this spring is to become bombarded with unwanted pests in your home. Keep reading for more information on pests that show up in the spring.


Ants become active as soon as the earth begins to thaw out from the snow and the cold. As they come out of their hibernation, the worker ants are eager to gather food. Those that reproduce are looking for mates in order to expand the colony. While scavenging for food, ants will come into your home. If you keep your home free of crumbs and spills and make sure that all food is properly stored, you have a lower chance of attracting these pests.


Termites will come out of their hibernation typically after the last freeze, which usually occurs in the middle of spring. The “swarmers”, which are those that reproduce, wake up at this time to begin the reproduction process. After mating, these swarmers shed their wings and look for a place to begin building their nest and starting a colony. They will look to make a colony in splintered or rotting wood. To deter termites from your property, remove any dying trees or damaged and damp wood. Termites especially like stumps, logs or sheds, so these would be things to remove or repair.


Ticks begin searching for food early in spring. To survive, they must have blood to feed on, so they will leave their nest as soon as it is warm enough to search for their prey. Ticks love to hide in tall grass, in overgrown bushes or in weedy gardens. The best way to prevent ticks from coming into your yard is to keep your grass and bushes trimmed and your garden weeded.

If you find yourself inundated with pest infestations this spring, do not feel as though you have to deal with it on your own. Call the experts and contact Worldwide Pest Control Inc. for an inspection.

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