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Preventing Houseflies In Your Kitchen

Flies are an annoyance that often enter a home in warm weather when occupants of a home are constantly going outside. Doors that are left ajar or windows that are not properly screened give flies easy access to homes, and the smells of a trashcan can attract houseflies. While preventing houseflies from getting into a kitchen in the first place is ideal, homeowners who are already experiencing an infestation of houseflies should contact a professional exterminator for help.

Preventing Houseflies

The problem with having houseflies in a kitchen or other area of a home is that these insects are known to spread disease. Serious diseases that have the potential to be fatal can be spread when a housefly lands on infected fecal matter or trash. Preventing houseflies is the best way to avoid coming into contact with these dangerous illnesses.

One of the most successful methods for preventing houseflies is by being meticulously clean. Keep trash covered to discourage flies from entering a home. Spills should be wiped up immediately, and food should be kept covered. Flies often enter a home when there is a hole in a screen or a door is left open, so families can keep houseflies out by fixing screens and keeping doors closed.

Professional Extermination For Housefly Control

Homeowners who are already dealing with houseflies may attempt to get populations under control by setting simple traps. Traps including sticky paper and homemade sugar-based traps can be successful for small quantities of flies, but infestations need to be handled by a professional. It is important to contact a professional exterminator as soon as possible to avoid the health risks that are posed by houseflies.

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