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The Top Pests in November

During the months of autumn, November has the least pests. Heading towards the pre-winter season conditions, these pests are more likely to be insects as most animals in November are preparing for winter hibernation. We listed down our top three pests that will appear during your Thanksgiving. We’ll give you tips on how to identify their habits and how to handle them.

Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles

At number three are the multi-colored Asian beetles. They look identical to ladybugs but come in different combinations in colors ranging from white to orange and can have no dots to multiple dots. The beetles’ diets for most of the year consist of eating aphids, a plant-eating insect. During November, aphids become scarce and they chase after fall fruits such as apples and grapes.

They are attracted to a light source for heat and lighter colored surfaces. If your windows aren’t proofed to prevent insects from entering, multi-colored Asian beetles will take shelter on your ceiling near your lights. Proofing your windows is one way to prevent them from entering. In case they already move indoors, using a vacuum would be the most effective way to quickly destroy them.

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Our number two bug is the western conifer seed bug. In most regions, these seed bugs will appear to feed and lay their eggs in pinecones. They are sometimes mistaken for stink bugs due to their awful smell. The only difference between them is their leg anatomy. Conifer bugs have a wide leaf leg while stink bugs have cylinder legs.

They are quite harmless but not completely safe. They are known to carry diseases and love to go after indoor and outdoor plant life. When conifer bugs sense danger, they will take flight and buzz loudly. You can prevent them from entering your home with the same methods used on the multi-colored Asian beetles.

Fruit Flies

The number one pest you will most likely find around any season is fruit flies. They are the most active pests you will have to deal with during November. They will feed on your ripened fruits and greenhouse-grown produce. And like most fly species, they will annoy you while you eat your delicious food. However, they are the easiest to eradicate using hanging flypaper rather than the fly swatter.

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