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These Four Pests Can Ruin Your Summer Garden

Gardening can be an excellent source of joy in the summer months. A bounty of fresh vegetables and an array of colorful flowers are great motivators to get outside and work with your hands. However, watching your garden fall victim to pests can quickly turn your satisfaction into frustration. Read about the most common garden pests found in Texas and how they can ruin your greenery.


Found in clusters, these tiny insects are known for sucking the life out of plants. Their green color can make them difficult to spot at first, but you are likely to find them on the underside of your plants’ leaves. Aphids like to attack new growth and will leave behind a sticky residue called honeydew. While they are slow-moving, don’t let that fool you. Aphids reproduce rapidly and can pose a major threat to your garden.

Spider Mites

These invaders are so small that they commonly go unrecognized. A telltale sign of a spider mite infestation is the webbing and white specks they leave behind on leaves. If you think they might be attacking your plants but you want to be certain, check the underside of your leaves with a magnifying glass. Spider mites are red or yellow in color and will quickly extract the fluid out of your plants. They are not especially picky, so it’s important that they are dealt with as soon as possible to avoid putting most of your garden at risk.


These creatures can move quickly from one plant to the next. They feed off of fresh shoots and leaves, which can result in stunted growth of your treasured greenery when left untreated. Sadly, these insects can also be responsible for transmitting diseases throughout your plant life. Depending on the species, leafhoppers are green, yellow or brown in color. Their slender bodies and wings make them agile and quick to fly away when disturbed.


While there are many types of harmless beetles in the world, others are not a welcome addition to your garden. The flea beetle and the cucumber beetle are two species to keep an eye out for. Evidence of these insects can be found in the “shotgun” pattern, or clusters of tiny holes they leave behind. Although these predators eat a minimal amount of greenery, they are capable of spreading diseases to your vegetables.

If you are faced with a pests problem, call a professional. Worldwide Pest Control has been providing quality pest control for over 30 years. As fellow Texans, we are familiar with the pesky creatures that can wreak havoc on your garden. Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

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