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Three Common Fall Pests in Texas

When autumn approaches, Texas residents will likely need to keep a careful eye out for household pests. Bees, roaches and rodents can all cause problems. Although homeowners can adhere to some tried-and-true guidelines to keep these pests away, they should always seek professional assistance when an infestation is underway.

Yellow Jackets and Wasps

Yellow jackets and wasps can be exceedingly active in autumn. Often attracted to sweets, these stinging insects are most likely to build nests in garages, sheds and other exterior buildings. Yellow jackets are known to favor sweets and can often be found buzzing around picnic areas and swimming pools. Because some people are allergic to bee stings, property owners should always call on exterminators for help.


Roaches love the warm weather and are still active throughout September and October. Once a breeding pair has become established in bathrooms or kitchens, the population can quickly explode. Many roaches carry diseases that can cause harm to humans. The pests can also produce droppings that can make allergies worse. Roaches are hardy individuals and can usually only be eliminated through sophisticated extermination methods. In nearly all cases, homeowners will want to rely on the calibrated pest control techniques of licensed exterminators. Secondary treatments may be needed to eradicate the entire colony.

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are active in autumn and are known for building nests indoors. They are often found in attics and sheds. Because rodents can chew through wires, paneling and other household materials within just a few days, they can become quite loathsome pests. Although baits and traps are potentially useful, pest control companies are nearly always the best choice going forward.

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