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What Should You Do When a Snake is in Your Home?

Having pests in your home is always a nuisance, but It is when dangerous pests like snakes get into your home that you have to act fast. According to the World Health Organization, there are 3,000 recorded species of snakes throughout the world with only 600 of them being venomous. Even with the odds in your favor, you should always assume that the snake is poisonous even if you love snakes. With that in mind, here are some suggestions you can take when a snake gets inside your home.

Sweep Them Out

When a snake enters your home, the simplest way you can get them out is through your basic kitchen broom. You may think a broom may not be enough as your only weapon against a potentially poisonous snake, but it is. The long handle and wide broom at the end will offer you plenty of distance from the slithering intruder. All you have to do is sweep the snake outside.

Create a Habitat

Understandably this subheading was probably a surprise to you since you are trying to get the snake outside instead of making it feel at home. In the circumstance that a snake is your home, but hiding somewhere you can’t reach it with a broom, take a burlap bag or similar item that creates a dark and cool living environment. This inviting living space will draw the snake out where you can remove it from your home.

Use a Glue Trap

The most common way to trap a snake in or around your home is with a glue trap. These traps come in various sizes, so depending on how big the snake will depend on how large of a trap you use. When you use these traps, place them in locations near the snake with the adhesive side up. Sooner or later, the snake will become trapped on the extremely adhesive board. As it struggles to get free, they will only become more trapped to the glue. Sooner or later they will die and you can take the snake and board out to your trash can.

We hope these suggestions are helpful to you as you combat pests from entering your home. Of course, the best way to protect you and your loved ones from these pests is by contacting Worldwide Pest Control. We will take care of all your pest control and extermination needs so you do not have to worry about it.

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