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What Time of Year Are Cockroaches Most Common?

Cockroaches are annoying pests that can be quite difficult to get rid of. While cockroaches are more common in warmer climates, they can still be very persistent in cooler climate locations as well. Keep reading to find out the time of year that you may come in contact with these pesky critters.


Cockroaches are commonly active during warmer months. These pests thrive in the heat and make nests in warm places. That’s why cockroaches are very common in states like Florida and Texas – they love warm weather and make their nests during the heat. People in warm states often experience more roach problems than those who live in cooler states. However, cool states are still home to cockroaches and many other pests.


Cockroaches generally hibernate during the winter. While some roaches may die during this cold season, many of them stay alive while in hibernation. Once the springtime comes, these pests become active once more and come out of hibernation. During the wintertime, you should always check your home for signs of cockroaches in hibernation.

Cockroach Infestations

No matter where you live or what time of year it is, your home could be prone to a cockroach infestation. These pests like to build their nests inside of homes and they even like to hibernate inside homes. If your home is above fifty degrees, you could experience a cockroach infestation.

To avoid this from happening, make sure you are aware of the pest situation around your location. Do your neighbors experience pest problems? Are cockroaches common in your area? If so, you should always be on the lookout. If you notice roach droppings, which look like small pellets, you should contact an exterminator right away. Once cockroaches make their home, it can be very difficult to exterminate them completely, which is why you will need professional services to get the job done.

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