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What You Can Keep in Your Home for Termite Control Fumigation

When it comes time to get termite control fumigation, you need to prepare your home. While you might already expect to leave the home with your family, along with any pets, these are not the only steps.

Although there are a lot of items that you will want to remove from your house, such as opened medicine bottles and a lot of items from the freezer, refrigerator, and pantry, there are some items that can stay.

Sealed Metal Containers

If you have canned goods in your home that come in sealed metal containers, you do not have to worry about removing them or putting them into nylon polymer bags.

Sealed Glass Containers

Another container that can stay in your home safely is glass, as long as it is sealed. Many food items come in these jars, such as apple sauce, pasta sauce, fruit, pickles, and more.

Sealed Protective Bags

For food, drink, and medicine items that are not sealed in a metal or glass container, they either need to be removed completely or double-bagged in sealed protective bags. Even items that are still sealed, such as unopened cereal boxes, need to be put into these bags or taken out of the home.

Unopened Liquor or Wine

While it does fall into the glass container category, you should also know that liquor or wine bottles, as long as they are unopened, are also perfectly safe to stay in the home.

Although you will have other preparations that you need to consider, knowing what can be kept inside will help you when getting ready for termite control fumigation.

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